What is Sur Darbar?
Sur Darbar is a warm and welcoming Indian Classical Music platform for students, artists and audiences from Austin and the extended Texas tri-city area. (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio)
We are also a registered non-profit organization that strives to lend a helping hand through the curation of musical events. The goal and purpose of Sur Darbar is to build an encouraging and supportive music community to interact and network with like-minded individuals, to learn, enhance and promote each other’s art. This monthly forum is aimed to provide an insightful experience for performers and listeners alike, since much of the music learning comes from listening. Sur Darbar’s purpose is to engage and motivate students through regular musical interaction with peers and knowledgeable audiences, to promote sustained growth over the years. 

Evolution through the Pandemic times...
Sur Darbar began as a simple monthly concert series/platform but has now manifested into “Darbars” we never imagined of. Our platform has provided a voice to artists of all ages and continues to do so despite the inhibitions of a global pandemic. Over the last several months, we have successfully built a digital platform to ensure that the value of our service and music is not lost due to the limitations of in-person gatherings. We have transitioned to livestream concerts, panel events, game shows, and even a 10-episode Navaratri series! Our production team works hard to create these events in a professional and engaging manner, creating experiences unlike anything done before. We are so grateful for our listeners and performers alike; they motivate us to run this platform so their voices and talents can be showcased around the world.